From the gst_bus_poll() documentation of GStreamer:

“This function will run a main loop from the default main context when polling.

You should never use this function, since it is pure evil. This is especially true for GUI applications based on Gtk+ or Qt, but also for any other non-trivial application that uses the GLib main loop. As this function runs a GLib main loop, any callback attached to the default GLib main context may be invoked. This could be timeouts, GUI events, I/O events etc.; even if gst_bus_poll() is called with a 0 timeout. Any of these callbacks may do things you do not expect, e.g. destroy the main application window or some other resource; change other application state; display a dialog and run another main loop until the user clicks it away. In short, using this function may add a lot of complexity to your code through unexpected re-entrancy and unexpected changes to your application’s state.”

See, I’m not the only crazy one around. Now, run along and get rid of those QMessageBoxes.