Back in the mid-2000s, when Psi was becoming popular and many applications were using its codebase, the Delta XMPP project was formed as a way to manage everything going on. Libraries were given their own websites, version control, and mailing list, to make them more attractive to outside developers. Ambitious goals beyond Psi were also set, such as the development of alternative clients with friendlier UIs, mobile clients, and even a server.

In recent years, it’s clear that no top-level “Delta” XMPP projects other than Psi are being pursued by the original team, and, with the exception of QCA, most development and discussion about our libraries occurs within the context of Psi (or Psi+). It is with this realization that I’ve decided to shut down the Delta XMPP project. As an umbrella project, it wasn’t serving any useful purpose anymore, and its grandiose roadmap is no longer realistic given current development interests and constraints.

To be clear, development on Psi and its libraries remains active, it’s just that the Delta wrapping is no longer needed.

All project websites have been moved off of Their new homes:

The Delta website featured a blog written by me. Selected posts have been migrated to a personal blog for archival purposes: